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PP200 HA1000 Hot Surface Igniter Desa Heater HSI PP200 71-052-0700

Наявність на складі: В наявності
Артикул: 250823298198
Стан: Новий
Постачальник: americanairless (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Morrow, Georgia
Рейтинг постачальника: 99.8 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 0 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 1047 грн. + 486 грн. (доставка)

MPN: PP200
Brand: American Airless
UPC: Does not apply

Ціна: 1533 грн

PP200 / HA1000 Hot Surface Ignitor Kit  PP200SC

Fits ProCom , DESA , Reddy , Master , Sears , John Deere and many others models

This is the PP200SC version which is the heavy duty version of this igniter.  This is one of our premium igniter blades.   The problems in the past with the older version is that it is very brittle and if you "breathed" on it the igniter would break. We had had one fall off the shelf and break in the package as soon as it hit the floor. The silicon nitride version is much harder and will hold up better than either version.  This is the same igniter that others are selling on eBay but with a better price. We have sold more than 10,000 over the past few years and we buy in bulk saving you the extra money.  Please feel free to contact us through ebay if you have any questions.

There are 2 basic HSI Igniters that will fit most heaters on the market.  The first one, the PP200, is the most widely used and is the one with the L-shaped ceramic.  The PP201 is pencil shaped.  If your ceramic is L-shaped then you will be safe getting the PP200.  If your igniter is pencil shaped then get the PP201.

We ship First Class Mail which will arrive  in 2-4 days anywhere in the US. All items are shipped the same day with very few exceptions.  We also provide technical help and help with the hard to find parts before and after the sale.


This is the igniter most of the units on the market that do not use a spark plug.  It is used on the following units:

AC-165, B30, B30C, B50, B50A, B50B, B50D, B50E, B50F, B50G, B50H, B50J, B55, B55BT, B55CT, B60, B65, B65D, B66D, B70, B70B, B70BT, B70D, B70DT, B70ET, B75, B80, B90, B99D, B100, B100A, B100AAK, B100B, B100C/FB, B100D, B100G, B100KD, B110, B110A, B110B, B110BT, B110T, B115, B115CT, B115DT, B115T, B120, B125C, B140, B140D, B150, B150A, B150B, B150C, B150CAK, B150D, B150F, B150FT, B150G, B150GT, B150H, B150J, B150JT, B150KD, B150M, B155/A/C, B155CT, B155DT, B155T, B165, B165A, B165AT, B165CT, B165DT, B165T, B200, B200AT, B200BT, BC40, BC55CT, BC55T, BC70ET, BC70T, BC115CT, BC115T, BC115DT, BC165CT, BC165T, BC165DT, BV115T, M100VT, M125T, M125AT, M140VT, M150D, M150S, M170AT, M170T, M200AT, M200T, M200VT, M350, M600, MARK50, MARK50D, MARK75D, MARK120D, MARK140D,MARK150D, MC60, MMV400A, MS80, MV/MMV44, MV120, MV250, PK55, PK60, PK70T, PK110, PK115T, PK165T, PKC115DT, PKC165DT, PKC70ET, PKHD170T, PKHD200T, R30, R35, R35A, R35B, R35D, R35E, R40, R40T, R50, R50A, R50B, R50BT, R55, R55A, R55B, R55BT, R55CT, R55M, R60, R60A, R60D,R70

Also, do not forget to get a pressure gauge when replacing the rotor and filters.  Most of the heaters that come into our shop have the wrong pressure setting and can be a big part of the problem.  The gauge we have reads in small increments so that you can tell exactly how much pressure is coming out of the pump housing.  The part number is HA1180 and our gauges are glycerin filled so they won't break the first time you drop them on the ground. 

***When installing the ignitor be very careful not to touch the metal or leave any kind of oily residue on it or it will create hot spot and break.  If you do touch it clean it with rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue before installing on the heater.***

***Once you receive the igniter please inspect before you open the package to make sure the electrode is not broken.  If it is broken please contact us and we will replace it immediately as long as the package has not been opened.  Please be very careful when opening the package.***

We are an authorized service center for most of the heaters made today.  If you have any questions about this igniter or need technical help please contact us through eBay.


Please note that we carry almost 100% of the items that we sell on eBay in stock and ready to ship. Because we sell at our retail location and in other places on the internet we sell hundreds of items per week and there are times when we will back order items while waiting for our new stock to arrive.  If that is the case we will notify you immediately with the information of when the item will arrive and when it will ship from our location. If that is a problem and you cannot wait please notify us and we'll refund you immediately.

Shipping Info: All item are shipped USPS, FedEx, UPS, or Parcel Carrier of our choice unless specified in the ad. In that case, it will ship as specified. Exceptions may occur only when customer provides P.O. Box and not a physical address.

Same Day Shipping: If the item is guaranteed to ship same day in the ad, the payment must be made and processed by 1 PM Monday – Friday. On weekends and holidays we will ship the following business day. If there is an exception, we will contact you through eBay to inform you.

Free shipping, when provided, is only to the continental United States. Please call us if you are in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or and other U.S. Territory. There is no free shipping provided to any country outside the U.S. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note that we do not charge for import duties and/or taxes of any kind in our shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Also, if you are an international customer, and the rate you were quoted is high, please contact us and we'll get you an accurate quote.

One more note for international customers; We have the ability to ship First Class which is usually cheaper. With that cheaper price also comes no real tracking and no insurance. We can ship First Class, but cannot guarantee delivery. That is why we choose to ship Priority Mail, Express Mail, or FedEx.

Shipping Upgrades: If you would like your package to arrive faster, please contact us for a quote through eBay.

Damages: If an item is damaged, please inform the driver and contact the carrier immediately. Also, take notes of the damage and pictures of the item and box. Damages will be handled immediately but credit cannot be given until the item is received. We can reship a replacement item and refund your credit card once everything is processed.

Returns: If the wrong item is ordered, we will accept returns for up to 30 days. Item must be in original packaging and not used or we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee. If we made the mistake in shipping, we will cover all freight to and from customer. If item was ordered in error, we will request that the customer pay freight costs incurred.

Local Pickups: We have a physical location which is open to customers 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday. Anyone is welcome to pick up their items during those hours. 

Payment: We accept most forms of payment, including PayPal, all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express), wire transfers, and checks. Payment must clear before item is shipped. No exceptions.

Feedback: Feedback is very important to us. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction at all times. If we do make a mistake, please contact us and we will fix the problem immediately. You can contact us through eBay. Good communication will fix most problems. Once you leave feedback, we will do the same.

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