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Super Nintendo Classic Edition: SNES Mini Classic 425+ Games From SNES and NES!!

Наявність на складі: В наявності
Артикул: 222911539213
Стан: Новий
Постачальник: ardianelectrons (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Brooklyn, New York
Рейтинг постачальника: 100.0 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 1 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 5668 грн. + 972 грн. (доставка) + розтаможка 1334 грн.

Product Name: SNES
Custom Bundle: No
Non-Domestic Product: No
Type: Home Console
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Bundle Listing: No
Manufacturer Color: Gray
A/V Output(s): HDMI
Brand: Nintendo
Model: Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition
Platform: Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition
Color: Gray
Region Code: Region-Free
Hard Drive Capacity: 512MB
MPN: 105956

Ціна: 7974 грн

Original Authentic Brand New manufactured from Nintendo Super Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition!

Customized with 425 Total SNES and NES games!!!

Games are neatly sorted in separate folders in alphabetical order.

Save States for each SNES and NES Games.

Full Games That Play Great from Start to Finish!

Can't find the game you want? Message me to get it added!

Option to build the console with Sega Genesis, N64 or Arcade games! Message me 1st!

Quick Reset Short cut: Hold Down and Select buttons to return to main screen.


Mini Console (with 425 Games from Original Nintendo and Super Nintendo)
Two (2) Wired Controllers like the original SNES
HDMI Cable
USB Cable & AC Adapter
Original Packaging and Instruction Manuals

SNES Games (Included):

2020 Super Baseball
7th Saga, The
Aaahh!! Real Monsters
Adventures of Batman & Robin
Aero Fighters
Alien 3
Alien vs. Predator
American Gladiators
Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 1
Art of Fighting
Batman Forever
Batman Returns
Battletoads & Double Dragon
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
Beauty and the Beast
Beavis and Butt-Head
Biker Mice from Mars
Bobby's World
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Brawl Brothers
Bugs Bunny - Rabbit Rampage
Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball
Captain America and the Avengers
Captain Commando
Castlevania - Dracula X
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Cool Spot
Daffy Duck - The Marvin Missions
Darius Twin
Death and Return of Superman
Demolition Man
Dennis the Menace
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest
Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble
Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls
Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story
Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim 2
Emmitt Smith Football
Eye of the Beholder
Extra Innings
F Zero
F1 Pole Position
F1 Pole Position 2
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury Special
FIFA International Soccer
Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Final Fight
Final Fight 2
Final Fight 3
Final Fight Guy
Flinstones - The Treasure of Sierra Madrock
Goof Troop
Gradius III
Harvest Moon
Hit the Ice
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
Incredible Hulk
Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures
Inspector Gadget
International Superstar Soccer
James Bond Jr
Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition
Jim Lee's Wild C.A.T.S - Covert Action Teams
Judge Dredd
Jungle Book
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park II - The Chaos Continues
Justice League Task Force
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
Killer Instinct
King of Dragons
Kirby Dream Course
Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Avalanche
Kirby's Dream Land 3
Last Action Hero
Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds
Lethal Weapon
Lion King
Madden NFL '94
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The
Marvel Super Heroes - War of the Games
Mask, The
Mech Warrior
Mega Man 7
Mega Man X
Mega Man X2
Mega Man X3
Michael Jordan - Chaos in the Windy City
Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat II
Mortal Kombat III
Ms. Pac-Man
NBA All Star Challenge
NBA Give n Go
NBA Hang Time
NBA Jam - Tournament Edition
NBA Live 95
NBA Showdown
NCAA Final Four Basketball
NCAA Football
NFL Football
NFL Quarterback Club 96
NHL '95
NHL Stanley Cup
Ninja Warriors
Pac Attack
Pac in Time
Pac-Man 2 - The New Adventures
PGA Tour 96
PGA Tour Golf
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally
Robocop 3
Robocop vs Terminator
Secret of Mana
Sim City
Sim City 2000
Simpsons - Bart's Nightmare
Soldiers of Fortune
Spider Man
Spider Man - Arcade's Revenge
Spider Man - Maximum Carnage
Star Fox
Star Fox 2
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
Super Battleship
Super Bomberman
Super Bomberman 2
Super Bomberman 3
Super Castlevania IV
Super Double Dragon
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island
Super Metroid
Super Off Road
Super Punch Out!
Super Star Wars
Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi
Super Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
Super Street Fighter II
Super Tennis
Tecmo Super Baseball
Tecmo Super Bowl
Tecmo Super Bowl II - Special Edition
Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition
Tecmo Super NBA Basketball
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day
Terminator, The
Tetris Attack
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Busts Loose!
Tiny Toon Adventures - Wacky Sports Challenge
TKO Super Championship Boxing
Tom & Jerry
Top Gear
Top Gear 2
Top Gear 3000
Toy Story
Troy Aikman NFL Football
U.N. Squadron
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Ultraman - Towards the Future
Urban Strike
Venom-Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety
Wario's Woods
Wayne's World
WCW Super Brawl Wrestling
Wheel of Fortune - Deluxe Edition
Wolfenstein 3D
Wolverine - Adamantium Rage
WWF Royal Rumble
WWF Super WrestleMania
WWF WrestleMania - The Arcade Game
X-Men - Mutant Apocalypse
Yoshi's Cookie
Yoshi's Island
Zombies Ate My Neighbors

NES Games (Included):

1943: The Battle of Midway
Addams Family, The
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Disney's
Adventures of Lolo
Adventures of Lolo 2
Adventures of Lolo 3
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Air Fortress
Alfred Chicken
Alpha Mission
Back to the Future
Back to the Future II & III
Bad Dudes
Balloon Fight
Batman: Return of the Joker
Bionic Commando
Blades of Steel
Blaster Master
Bomberman II
Boy and his Blob
Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble Part 2
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout, The
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The
Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Castle Quest
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Disney's
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Disney's
Contra Force
Darkwing Duck, Disney's
Demon Sword
Dick Tracy
Die Hard
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Classics
Donkey Kong Jr Math
Donkey Kong Jr.
Double Dragon
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
Double Dribble
Dr. Mario
Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior II
Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrior IV
DuckTales 2, Disney's
DuckTales, Disney's
Elevator Action
Final Fantasy
Flight of the Intruder
Flintstones, The: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy
Flintstones, The: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!
Flying Warriors
Friday the 13th
G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor
Galaga: Demons of Death
George Foreman's KO Boxing
Ghostbusters II
Goonies II, The
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Hunt for Red October, The
Ice Climber
Ice Hockey
Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road
Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Jetsons, The: Cogswell's Caper
Joe & Mac
Karate Kid, The
Kid Icarus
Kirby's Adventure
Knight Rider
Kung Fu
Legend of Zelda, The
Life Force
Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Little Samson
Lode Runner
Lone Ranger, The
Mach Rider
Magic Johnson's Fast Break
Marble Madness
Mario Bros.
Mario is Missing!
Mega Man
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5
Mega Man 6
Metal Gear
Metal Storm
Mickey Mouse - Dream Balloon
Mickey's Adventure in Numberland
Mickey's Safari in Letterland
Mighty Final Fight
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Mission: Impossible
Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival
Nightmare on Elm Street, A
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
Nintendo World Cup
North & South
Paperboy 2
Pro Wrestling
Punisher, The
R.B.I Baseball
R.C. Pro-Am
R.C. Pro-Am II
River City Ransom
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
RoboCop 2
Rocketeer, The
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball
Sesame Street Countdown
Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide and Speak
Shadow of the Ninja
Simpsons, The: Bart vs. The Space Mutants
Simpsons, The: Bart vs. The World
Simpsons, The: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man
Skate or Die!
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six
Spy Hunter
Star Tropics
Super Adventure Island II
Super Adventure Island 
Super C
Super Dodge Ball
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt (Requires Zapper Gun)
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Swamp Thing
Swords and Serpents
Tecmo Baseball
Tecmo Bowl
Tecmo Super Bowl
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Tetris 2
Tiny Toon Adventures
Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland
Uncanny X-Men, The
Vice: Project Doom
WCW World Championship Wrestling
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Wizards & Warriors
Wizards & Warriors 2
Wizards & Warriors 3
WWF King of the Ring
WWF WrestleMania
WWF WrestleMania Challenge
WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage Challenge
Xevious: The Avenger
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Zoda's Revenge: Star Tropics II

Nintendo 64 Games (By Request Only)

Army Men - Sarge's Hero
Bassmasters 2000
Donkey Kong 64
Mario Kart 64
Mario Party 3
Mortal Kombat 4
Rush 2 - Extreme Racing
South Park
Starfox 64
Super Mario 64
Wave Race 64
WWF No Mercy

Classic Coin Operated Arcade Games (By Request Only)

Battle Toads
Cadillacs And Dinosaurs
Captain America and the Avengers
Dig Dug
GI Joe
Indiana Jones
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Press Select to add credits (coins) to Arcade Games!

N64 and Arcade games take up significant storage space. Will need to remove SNES games to accommodate N64 or Arcade Games.

N64 games require a Wii Classic Controller (Sold Seperately). Save States not compatible with N64 or Arcade Games.

Looking for Sega Genesis Games? Message to inquire about games you want added. (Sample Sega list below)

N64, Sega, and Arcade games must be requested to be added. Message me 1st if you want any games other than the included 425 SNES & NES games for confirmation before ordering.

Already own a SNES Classic? Send it over to have more games added! Message for Details!

Sega Genesis Games (By Request Only)

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
Adventures of Batman & Robin
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Alien Soldier
Altered Beast
Atomic Runner
Batman - The Video Game
Batman - Revenge of the Joker
Batman Forever
Beyond Oasis
Bio Hazard Battle
Castlevania Bloodlines
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Columns III
Comix Zone
Contra: Hard Corps
Crusader of Centy
Double Dragon
Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game
Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Falls
Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Dynamite Headdy
Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim 2
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2
Gain Ground
General Chaos
Golden Axe I
Golden Axe II
Gunstar Heroes
Herzog Zwei
Kid Chameleon
Light Crusader
Madden NFL 94
Madden NFL 95
Madden NFL 96
Madden NFL 97
Madden NFL 98
Mazin Saga - Mutant Fighter
Mega Bomberman
Michael Jackson: Moonwalker
Mortal Komat 3
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 2
MUSHA - Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor
Out Run
Pac Man 2
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star III - Generations of Doom
Phantasy Star IV
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure
Predator 2
Primal Rage
Prince of Persia
Punisher, The
Quackshot Starring Donald Duck
Rambo 3
Ranger X
Revenge of Shinobi
Road Rash
Road Rash 2
Road Rash 3
Robocop 3
Robocop vs Terminator
Rocket Knight Adventures
Rolling Thunder 2
Saturday Night Slammasters
Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master
Shining Force
Shining Force 2
Sonic & Knuckles
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball
Space Harrier II (World)
Spider-Man - X-Men - Arcade's Revenge
Spider-Man . Venom - Maximum Carnage
Splatterhouse 2
Splatterhouse 3
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time
Star Trek - The Next Generation - Echoes from the Past
Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
Streets of Rage 2
Streets of Rage 3
Sunset Riders
Super High Impact
Super Off Road
Super Street Fighter 2
Target Earth
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Hyperstone Heist
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters
Thunder Force 2
Thunder Force 3
Time Killers
Tiny Toon Adventures - Acme All-Stars
Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster's Hidden Treasure
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
Top Gear 2
Toy Story
Triple Play 96
Triple Play Gold Edition
Troy Aikman NFL Football
True Lies
Twin Cobra - Desert Attack Helicopter
Two Crude Dudes
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Universal Soldier
Unnecessary Roughness '95
Virtual Bart
Virtual Fighter 2
Wings of Wor
Wolverine - Adamantium Rage
Wonder Boy in Monster World
World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
World Series of Baseball
World Series of Baseball 95
World Series of Baseball 96
World Series of Baseball 98
X-Men 2 - Clone Wars
Zero Tolerance
Zero Wing

Will need to swap SNES games to add the Sega games

Games are not in HD format. Same look and gaming experience from the 1980's and 1990's

Замовлення та отримання товару проходить в такому порядку:

  • 1. Замовлення товару
  • 2. Перевірка замовлення менеджером
  • 3. Виставлення рахунку та реквізитів для оплати
  • 4. Оплата замовлення
  • 5. Підтвердження оплати
  • 6. Заказ товару у постачальника
  • 7. Відправка товару в Україну в наш офіс
  • 8. Ми отримуємо товар, перевіряємо його на пошкодження, комплектність
  • 8.1 Якщо все добре, висилаємо будь-яким зручним для вас способом (пошта, кур'єр)
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