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50 old books History & Genealogy of West Virginia WV

Наявність на складі: В наявності
Артикул: 171849790170
Постачальник: rockyiguana (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Oceanside, California
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State: West Virginia
Format: DVD
Type: County, State History
Subject: Genealogy
Condition: New
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Ціна: 456 грн

The Ultimate

History and Genealogy Collection



50 -  Books on DVD !

An essential resource for Genealogists

Actual images of every page, in Adobe Acrobat Reader .PDF format. Works with any computer, and is easy to use and read. Some scans are imperfect.

These books on DVD are SEARCHABLE * 




A catechism on vocational education in West Virginia under the Smith-Hughes law by State Board of Education West Virginia - (1921) – 46 pages


A correct history of the John Brown invasion at Harper's Ferry, West Va., Oct. 17, 1859  by John Henry Zittle - (1905) – 258 pages


A history and record of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of West Virginia  by George W. Peterkin - (1902) – 844 pages


A history of Lewis County, West Virginia by Edward Conrad Smith - (1920) – 426 pages


A history of Pendleton County, West Virginia by Oren Frederic Morton - (1910) – 492 pages


A History of Preston County, West Virginia  by Oren Frederic Morton - (1914) – 886 pages


A history of Randolph County, West Virginia, from its earliest exploration and settlement to the present time by Albert S. Bosworth - (1916) – 448 pages


A history of the Seventh day Baptists in West Virginia including the Woodbridgetown and Salemville churches in Pennsylvania and the Shrewsbury church in New Jersey by Corliss F. Randolph - (1905) – 498 pages


A manual containing the graded course of study for the elementary schools of West Virginia by State Board of Education West Virginia - (1914) – 232 pages


Aler's history of Martinsburg and Berkeley County, West Virginia by F. Vernon Aler - (1888) – 436 pages


Alumni record, West Virginia University by West Virginia University - (1917) – 124 pages


An inside view of the formation of the state of West Virginia. With character sketches of the pioneers in that movement by William P. Willey - (1901) – 242 pages


Autobiography, including a history of the Fourth Regt, W. Virginia by T.H. Barton - (1890) – 340 pages


Civil war in West Virginia by Winthrop David Lane - (1921) – 128 pages


Dyer's index to land grants in West Virginia, Volume 1 by Morgan H. Dyer - (1896) – 938 pages


Genealogical and personal history of the upper Monongahela valley, West Virginia, under the editorial supervision of Bernard L. Butcher ... with an account of the resurces and industries of the upper Monongahela valley and the tributary region by Bernard Lee Butcher - (1912) – 906 pages


Historic homes of the South-West mountains, Virginia, by Edward C. Mead - (1899) – 270 pages


History and progress of the county of Marion, West Virginia, from its earliest settlement by the whites, down to the present, together with biographical sketches of its most prominent citizens  by George A. Dunnington - (1880) – 162 pages


History of Hampshire County, West Virginia, from its earliest settlement to the present by Hu Maxwell - (1897) – 744 pages


History of Harrison County, West Virginia: from the early days of Northwestern Virginia to the present by Henry Haymond - (1910) – 480 pages


History of Summers County from the earliest settlement to the present time, Volume 2 Only by James H. Miller - (1908) – 400 pages


History of the early settlement and Indian wars of Western Virginia; embracing an account of the various expeditions in the West, previous to 1795. Also, biographical sketches of... distinguished actors in our border wars by Willis De Hass - (1851) – 415 pages


History of the Fifth West Virginia Cavalry, formerly the Second Virginia Infantry, and of Battery G, First West Va. Light Artillery by Francis Smith Reader - (1890) – 304 pages


History of the Second regiment West Virginia cavalry volunteers, during the war of the rebellion by Joseph J. Sutton - (1892) – 262 pages


History of the Twelfth West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, the part it took in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865  by William Hewitt and D. Clark - (1900) – 226 pages


History of Tucker County, West Virginia, from the earliest explorations and settlements to the present time; by Hu Maxwell and R. Iguana - (1884) – 570 pages


History of West Virginia: in two parts  by Virgil Anson Lewis - (1889) – 744 pages


History of West Virginia, old and new, Volumes 1 - 3 by James Morton Callahan - (1923) – 2,200 pages


History of Wetzel County, West Virginia by John C. McEldowney - (1901) – 183 pages


Index, marriage records, Harrison Co. Va. (W. Va.) 1784-1850 by Susie Davis Nicholson - (1900) – 42 pages


Marion County in the Making , by Fairmont (W.Va.) High School - (1917) – 360 pages


Military operations in Jefferson County, Virginia (and West Va.) 1861-1865 - (1911) – 42 pages


Monument to, and history of the Mingo Indians; facts and traditions about this tribe, their wars, chiefs, camps, villages and trails. Monument dedicated to their memory near the village of Mingo, in Tygarts River Valley of West Virginia by William Henry Cobb - (1921) – 32 pages


Myers' history of West Virginia, Volumes 1 & 2 by Sylvester S. Myers - (1915) – 1,002 pages


Organization and the execution of the Selective service act in the state of West Virginia, census and enrollment by the West Virginia Dept of Military Census and Enrollment - (1920) – 1028 pages


Revised list of deceased soldiers, World War, January l, 1922. West Virginia  by West Virginia Adjutant General’s Office - (1922) – 50 pages


The Brand family on Monongalia County, Virginia (now West Virginia) by Franklin M. Brand - (1922) – 424 pages


The Flying, Gray-Haired Yank; or, The adventures of a volunteer, A true narrative of the Civil War (West Virginia Regiment 15th) by Michael Egan - (1888) – 414 pages


The history of education in West Virginia by State Board of Education West Virginia - (1907) – 282 pages


The History of Upshur County, West Virginia, from its earliest exploration and settlement to the present time by William B. Cutright - (1907) – 608 pages


The Monticola 1901, West Virginia by West Virginia University - (1901) – 182 pages


The Monticola 1904, West Virginia by West Virginia University - (1904) – 238 pages


The Slaughter of the Pfost-Greene family of Jackson county, W.Va. A history of the tragedy by Okey J. Morrison -  (1898) – 94 pages


The welfare of children in bituminous coal mining communities in West Virginia by U.S. Children’s Bureau - (1923) – 76 pages


West Virginia and its people, Volume 2 by Thomas Condit Miller & Hu Maxwell - (1913) – 640 pages


West Virginia state gazetteer and business directory, Volume (1882-1883) by R.L. Polk & Co. – 570 pages


West Virginia: its farms and forests, mines and oilwells ; with a glimpse of its scenery, a photograph of its population, and an exhibit of its industrial statistics by Jacob Richards Dodge - (1865) – 276 pages


West Virginia: its history, natural resources, industrial enterprises, and institutions by Virgil Anson Lewis - (1904) – 390 pages


White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier county, West Virginia - (1881) – 34 pages


Year book, Society of Sons of the Revolution in the state of West Virginia - (1894) – 70 pages


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