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Наявність на складі: Товар не доступний
Артикул: 302551498240
Постачальник: jeanniebottles (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: San Tan Valley, Arizona
Рейтинг постачальника: 100.0 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 5 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 5800 грн. + 972 грн. (доставка) + розтаможка 1400 грн.

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Item Type: Jeannie Bottle

Ціна: 8171 грн

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ONLY $179!!!


Reg. Price $279








Transparent Blue Bottle!


This is an Original Della Casa Design. You will discover more power than you ever felt before with this breathtaking bottle! Available to the public for the first time! This Blue Djinn Bottle possesses a Stunning cobalt blue glass. The breathtaking beauty is unmistakable! This bottle is magically created in TRANSPARENT BLUE Glass, and it will look simply absolutely stunning in your home!


Created By Mario A.C.Della Casa The Only Artist That Was EVER

Licensed By Sony Entertainment

to create the Authorized I Dream of Jeannie Bottle!




Bottle Collection:


Please Stay Tuned for Special Dates & Locations when you can meet  Jeannie herself!









Jeanniebottles Shipping Methods:Buyer pays full shipping and insurance of item. I can not be held accountable for UPS or post office negligence or damage, but I will help you by filing an insurance claims for you and recreate your bottle when the claim is paid.International orders will be shipped via USPS, BUT I WILL NOT BE RESONSIBILE FOR ORDERS BEING HELD AT CUSTOMS.

SHIPPING FEES: Your Bottle is not just tossed into a Box with popcorn and crinkled up news paper and sent with a hope and prayer that it gets to you safely! In Fact, You shipping fee Also INCLUDES Your Bottle to be  treated like the art piece it is! It is placed in a custom fitted Styrofoam brick encasement, which you can use! It is also placed into a fitted box so there is no wiggle room. The Bottle and Top has  secure fit inside the brick to protect it during transport.In addition to this, your bottle will leave FULLY inspected to make sure its perfect when sending, it will be insured,  and Tracking (if available).   It is important that your bottle reach you unharmed and I do all I can to protect your purchase, and the cost for materials add up to the amount paid in the shipping fees.

Contact Jeanniebottles:

If you have any additional questions we would love to hear from you! If your questions are about a specific listing, please reference the item # when contacting us.




My bottles have been exclusively used on TVLAND, NBC and recently on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT With Barbara Eden. The Metallic effect, The translucent color - is exactly what makes this unique from all of the other bottles. This amazing bottle definitely stands out from the rest! This Stunning Bottle Proudly Stands Well OVER 14 1/2 Inches Tall. As you can obviously see, this bottle is unbelievable. This Beautiful bottle is extremely beautiful, and to think it is hand made is just wonderful. The details are great & this is not a manufactured piece. While your home may be filled with original artwork, this will be among the most loved and admired I’m sure

If you are looking for my Gallery Brass Editions, this bottle listing is NOT Brass, and Nor is it the Jeannie "IN" the bottle...   The Bottle BELOW is the Glass Sofa Bottle, and other types I offer if Interested on these types below i would be happy to list one for you.

This Stunning Bottle {Below} Proudly Stands Well OVER 14 1/2 Inches Tall.

This bottle is extremely beautiful, and to think it is hand made is just wonderful. The details are great & its not a manufactured piece.While your home may be filled with original artwork, this will be among the most loved and admired I'm sure.

Interested in The NEW Sofa Bottle? Then Please continue reading about another type of design I create,



Barbara Eden and Mario Larry Hagman and Mario

Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us

These bottles are created with the elegance and quality that you so truly deserve. JeannieBottles will always keep our prices reasonable and the main focus of this website has been built on integrity and to provide something you have always wanted. The happiness you receive from JeannieBottles is what's important to us.

This is a "TRUE" Della Casa Design!

Unlike The Painted Jim Beam Bottle you find for a small fortune (or) even The Ceramic ones, These Bottles Are Virtually Unbreakable!! Compare our 5 LB bottle to others on ebay that are less than 1 LB!

DONT JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, Take The Words Of My Customers. As you will see by reading my feedback, my bottles are the absolute best on ebay.This Bottle Is Entirely Hand Painted Its also protected with several coats of a high gloss to ensure your investment will last and hold it's beauty!Hours of work put into every single bottle; DON'T WAIT!

GET YOURS NOW I am sure that this Amazing Bottle will be "THE GREATEST" addition to your Jeannie Bottle Collection!



What they had to say

Erin Murphy as Tabitha (Bewitched)Erin Murphy as Tabitha (Bewitched)
Erin Murphy as Tabitha (Bewitched)
"I just love them, there the best! Take my word for it!
Mario is the best artist around!"

David and Greg Mandel as Adam Stephens (Bewitched)David and Greg Mandel as Adam Stephens (Bewitched)
David and Greg Mandel as Adam Stephens (Bewitched)
Greg: "What a great idea, I always loved this bottle and
I am glad that I have one! Mario is just great!"
David said,"Fantastic bottle, you can't beat it!"

Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate (Bewitched)Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate (Bewitched)
Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate (Bewitched)
"The craftmanship is unbeatable. The details are just lovely,
and I love my bottle!"

Liz Sheridan (Seinfeld)Liz Sheridan (Seinfeld)
Liz Sheridan (Seinfeld)
"I have mine in my dining room, and I keep finding myself going to it
to make more wishes. The bottle is beautiful and Mario is the best!"
Rose Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)Rose Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)
Rose Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)
What a great bottle, Mario gave me one to put up for an auction
to generate money for the humane society! What a great guy!"
Butch Patrick (The Munsters)Butch Patrick (The Munsters)
Butch Patrick (The Munsters)
"I love this bottle, there really is a genie inside!
The paint job is great!"
Ken Osmand as Eddie Hascul (Leave it to Beaver)Ken Osmand as Eddie Hascul (Leave it to Beaver)
Ken Osmand as Eddie Hascul (Leave it to Beaver)
"I wanted a bottle ever since I saw the original show,
Mario made a child hood dream come true!"
Greg Evigan (BJ and The Bear)Greg Evigan (BJ and The Bear)
Greg Evigan (BJ and The Bear)
"You can't beat this bottle, its great and its beautiful.
Buy two of them!"
Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade, and Falcon Crest)Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade, and Falcon Crest)
Lorenzo Lamas
(Renegade and Falcon Crest)
"Totally beautiful, I have always wanted one!
Thank you Mario so much for my bottle!"
Larry Thomas as Soup Nazi (Seinfeld)Larry Thomas as Soup Nazi (Seinfeld)
Larry Thomas as Soup Nazi (Seinfeld)
"No Soup For You, Get Out! Unless you buy a bottle from Mario"

This "IS" The BEST Jeannie Bottle you will EVER find! ..."Larry Hagman"

Thank you!


TO THE SPECIAL MAKING REQUIRED FOR THIS BOTTLE, ALL ORDERS ARE NON-REVOCABLE. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS ON BOTTLES. THESE BOTTLES ARE HANDCRAFTED AND HAND-PAINTED, THERE ARE BOUND TO BE SOME SLIGHT IMPERFECTIONS DUE TO ITS ONE-OF-A-KIND NATURE & YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS WHEN BIDDING. You fully understand that this is a Gallery Glass Art piece is created entirely by hand. Your Bottle is 100% hand crafted & Hand Painted. That I assure you that the highest quality brushes and materials are used for the painting of your bottle. Before the hand painting can take place, the details of the bottle itself are done "by hand" and that intricate ornamentation and designs take time to complete. I  NEVER use  templates or paint pens of any kind to create your bottle. There is a thin pre-cut skin that blankets the inside of the bottle and layers around the bottle, This skin protects the bottle from scratching and is a wonderful addition to the bottle!  It takes a steady hand and a good eye for detail to create this masterpiece. These bottles are created with the elegance and quality that you so truly deserve. JeannieBottles will always keep our prices reasonable and the main focus of my art and it has been built on integrity and to provide something you have always wanted. The happiness you receive from JeannieBottles is what's important to me. Thank you & May ALL your wishes come true!Mario A.C. Della Casa"The JeannieBottle Man"

About The Artist 

Mario A.C. Della Casa is the CEO of Della Casa Designs, and the Official Creative Artist of both JeannieBottles.com Growing up with an Artistic Family from Italy and having had the benefit of traveling the world at an early age, Della Casa developed a true appreciation for beauty. Regardless if it were landscapes, people, or animals Mario’s journey to his creations had a very interesting beginning.Like many artisans before him, Della Casa found inspiration inside of a bottle, but in this case it was Barbara Eden’s from I DREAM OF JEANNIE. Says Mario, “I was intrigued by Jeannie’s sequestered life deep within her jewel-tone bottle filled with magical dreams and wishes, so as an artist I created one to satisfy my own fascination.” He would learn that this obsession was not exclusively his own, as he was quickly called upon to commission others for friends. Then the floodgates opened: “It’s impossible to count all the collectors and connoisseurs that needed to have one of my hand-painted bottles. It has taught me never to underestimate the power of a TV show that resonates in our collective hearts.” In fact, so vital was the demand for his original Jeannie Bottles, that Della Casa is the only artist ever to be awarded the license by Sony Entertainment to officially create them for the world! JeannieBottles.com are indeed Endorsed by cast members of I Dream of Jeannie (such as Mr. Larry Hagman and Mr. Bill Daily) and has worked side by side with out Lovely Jeannie at The Autographs Shows and Special Events where Fans can meet our lovely Ms. Eden.

Della Casa shares his unique expertise of Hollywood art with a truly exclusive clientele that includes Hollywood superstars, Major players in the motion picture and television industries, chief executive officers of U.S. and international corporations, authors, judges, legislators. His work has been exhibited in the United States, throughout the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as having been featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, A&E BIOGRAPHY, and on the TV Land Television Network. He has also created unique art pieces for numerous national commercials, magazines and TV shows. His list of famous clients is impressive, including Anthony Michael Hall, Nicollette Sheridan, Christopher and Dana Reeve, Pamela Anderson, John Edward, Barbara Eden, The Late Larry Hagman, Charlene Tilton, Linda Grey, Linda Blair, Kate Mulgrew, Penny Marshal and Cindy Williams are among those that own or have his work. The Late Aaron Spelling, Laurence Fishburne and the Museum of Television’s James Comisar and other Hollywood notables have even fallen under Mario’s artful spell.In many instances, the subjects of his art, wind up becoming his fans and his friends. Della Casa appreciates beauty in all of its forms, finding it easy to apply his craft to nearly any genre. Hollywood subjects grace the walls of the Della Casa home, and so do equally beautiful portraits of his family members.


PLEASE READ! ...Important Notice!

It is to be completely understood that although Ms. Eden and Mario are friends,  and  in close proximity at many events, that she  has ZERO Business relations with JeannieBottles, and no Business Ties of any kind with Della Casa Designs, Mario A.C. Della Casa, or  JeannieBottles,   It is to also be fully understood that they are completely separate entities, and that  JeannieBottles, is the sole proprietorship of Celebrity Artist Mario A.C. Della Casa.

While it's true that Ms. Eden loves Mario’s artistry and owns several of his designs it is NOT to be assumed, perceived or misunderstood that any purchases you make from Mario or Photographs seen with Barbara Eden is an endorsement by Ms. Barbara Eden  and that your purchase is done so by your own volition and full understanding that you believe that this is the best bottle for your Jeannie Bottle collection. 




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